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Meet Jowy-Jhan Curameng - Green Hive Fairfield

About Jowy

Jowy-Jhan Curameng is a multi-disciplinary Bay Area-born and raised Artist (Shoutout 415, 209, and 650) primarily focused on music, improvisation, and writing currently. He is signed by Model's Inc for commercial work and releases/performs music under the obviously clever and very well-thought-out rap pseudonym, J.O.W.Y. His most recent Improv Workshop cohort, Wrong Answers Serious Inquiries Only, debuted on stage in Bindlestiff’s sold-out show “My Ancestors’ Worst Dream” featuring Kevin Camia (Dress Up Gang, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert). Jowy spearheaded the marketing and production aspects of this wonderful Artistic Experience. Through his extensive network and collaboration skills, Jowy also co-produced a successful combination Shoe Drive, Streetwear Market, and Music Showcase featuring Headliners Ruby Ibarra and Mike Swift at 7th West in Oakland. Using his experience as a Program Associate within the Community Investments team of San Francisco Arts Commission, Jowy also consults with non-profit organizations and Artists on the grant-writing process. He has a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from Santa Clara University and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Arts Management from University of Oklahoma.

Website: (

Instagram: j.o.wy

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