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Meet Celina Perez, First Chance Vallejo

About Celina

Celina Perez is a community leader and the Executive Director of First Chance Vallejo, an organization dedicated to providing vital resources and support to underserved populations in Vallejo, CA. An advocate for juvenile justice, Celina serves as a Juvenile Justice Commissioner for Solano County, working to reform and improve the juvenile justice system. She also brings her compassionate leadership to her role as Chaplain for VFW Post 1123, where she supports fellow veterans and their families.

Celina is a three-time graduate of Maryland University, showcasing her commitment to continuous learning and professional development. Her dedication to empowering youth is further evident in her position on the board of the Boys and Girls Empowerment Group, where she helps to create opportunities for young people to thrive.

A proud military police veteran, Celina's service background has instilled in her a deep sense of duty and community service. Balancing her professional commitments, she is also a devoted mother to two daughters. Hailing from Vallejo, CA, Celina Perez combines her extensive experience and passion for community service to make a lasting impact on the lives of those she serves.

About First Chance Vallejo

First Chance Vallejo is a dynamic community organization created in 2022 based in Vallejo, CA. We are dedicated to providing transformative opportunities and essential resources to Vallejo youth. With a strong commitment to fostering a supportive and empowered community, First Chance Vallejo focuses on a range of innovative programs designed to help young people thrive.

Our organization offers specialized programs such as robotics, coding, and tutoring, which equip youth with critical skills for the future. By engaging in these educational initiatives, participants gain hands-on experience and knowledge that open doors to new career possibilities and personal growth. Additionally, our human rights education program empowers youth with the knowledge and tools they need to advocate for themselves and others, fostering a sense of responsibility and community engagement.

First Chance Vallejo also believes in the power of sports to inspire and motivate. Our sports scholarship program provides talented young athletes with the opportunity to pursue their passion while accessing educational resources and support. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by homeless youth, we offer limited financial assistance aimed at helping them with essential needs.l such as diapers, wipes, food, toiletries, clothing etc.

Driven by a team of dedicated professionals and volunteers, First Chance Vallejo is committed to making a lasting impact on the lives of the youth it serves. Our holistic approach ensures that each young person receives personalized care and support, enabling them to overcome obstacles and build brighter futures.

Instagram: @FirstChanceVallejo

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